Winter Projects

I didn’t get much accomplished with the garden railroad during the fall owing to the NNGC in September, followed by the V&T Historical Society Conference in October. By November I laid a short section of track in the garden, bringing track near the approaches for the two trestles.

Several projects are being worked on for next year’s operations. Porter #2, “Maude M.” is slowly being repainted to reflect the factory painted appearance of s small Porter of the 1880s. The project has taken longer than planned due to issues removing paint from the plastic. First I had to remove the poor paint job applied by the previous owner. I discovered they never attempted to remove the factory lettering, they simply painted over it. LGB factory lettering is extremely difficult to remove, the paint will come off but the lettering (which is pad printed onto the shell) will remain. Using 91% isopropyl alcohol and a pencil eraser it took hours to remove it all. Even then faint outlines could still be seen once I repainted.

This frustration lead to learning a valuable lesson. Goof Off! is not an appropriate solution to use on LGB equipment. It will attack the plastic if left on too long.

Also on the workbench are the remaining LGB log cars. I previously reworked a single set with 20″ diameter wheels and paint. Now the next 2 pair will receive the same treatment.

In November we had our first real snow of the year. The railroad is going to need a snowplow for next winter.

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