National Narrow Gauge Convention: 2019

I usually don’t get the chance to attend the National Narrow Gauge Convention, but this year it was held in Sacramento. I had the honor of giving a full two hour talk on the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad and participated in a joint talk with Randy Hees on paint research. Since the event required presentations be given multiple times, Liza and I spent much of that weekend in Sacramento.

When I wasn’t giving presentations, I spent much of my time at the booth for the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Historical Society. It was nice to talk with existing members and meet a few new ones. Since most of my time was spent at the booth during venue hours I did not get as much time to shop or look at exhibits. In fact, I never saw the contest room until the final day when it was mostly cleared out.

A highlight of the trip was escaping the conference to visit the Crocker Art Museum and the California State Railroad Museum with Randy and Gael.

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