Equipment Roster


Locomotive “Ruby” (No Number)

Former Churchill Eastern #1 “Ruby”. Never operated on MM&LCo. Sold to a private party in June 2019.

Locomotive #1

6 ton Porter 0-4-0T. Originally served the Magenta mine before it expanded into timber country. The smallest locomotive on the roster.

Locomotive no. 1 pulls a short passenger train over the line.

The model is an Accucraft electric Porter 0-4-0T.

Locomotive #2 “Tejon”

Vertical boilered locomotive.

The Model is a Regner “Henry”.

Locomotive #3 “Maude M.”

H.K. Porter 0-4-0T. “Maude M.” was purchased secondhand from the Bishop Mining & Lumber Co. Currently in the shop for repairs.

Locomotive #4 (1st) “La Mula.”

H.K. Porter 0-4-0T. Acquired secondhand from unknown source. Found to be unsuited for use in the woods on account of small size. Sold to unknown owner.

Locomotive #4 “C. A. Dinkledorf”

H.K. Porter 0-4-2. Named after the president of the railroad: Cornelius Abernathy Dinkledorf.

Locomotive #5 “Catamount”

Baldwin 2-4-2T. Purchased new, largest locomotive on the roster until the arrival of no. 6.

Locomotive #6 “Elizabeth”

Baldwin 2-6-0. Purchased second hand.

Locomotive #7 “Sidewinder”

13 Ton 2 Truck Shay.

Freight Equipment.

Flat car #1

Formerly Churchill Eastern Railway flat car #1.

Flat cars #3 – 19

Billmeyer & Smalls 17′ 4-wheel flat cars. One car converted to block car, two cars converted to fuel tenders for Porter locomotives.

Log Disconnects #21 – 31

Log flats

23′ 6″ heavy duty flat cars. Billmeyer & Small design.

28′ 10 ton flat cars. Carter Brothers Design.

Skeleton Log Cars

The MM&LCo. only has a single log car on the roster. Currently out of service.

Box car #2

BIllmeyer & Smalls 4-wheel box car.

Box car #4

Former D&RG box car

Passenger Equipment.

Combine – Caboose #1

Combine – Caboose #2

Open Coach #7

Former street railway open car used to haul crew between camps and the mill. Occasionally used as a caboose. The model started life as an LGB Grizzly Flats passenger car. The lettering was removed and some minor repainting was performed.

Passenger Car No. 7
MM&LCo Passenger Car No. 7

M.O.W. Equipment.

Derrick “A”

Hopper “B”

Equipment Car “C”

Iron frame from former 27 cu Koppel V-Dump car. Will be rebuilt for use as a track cleaning car.

Western Wheel Scraper Dump Cars

The MM&LCo. has two unnumbered dump cars on the roster.

Other Equipment.

Nevada County Narrow Gauge Locomotive #11

Carson & Tahoe, Lumber & Fluming Co. “Glenbrook”

DSP&P Caboose #64

DSP&P Way Car #67

Accucraft brass Way Car model painted to reflect the Union Pacific caboose/ way car paint from 1885 to 1899. The car is painted chrome yellow just like the prototypes and matches a sample retrieved from Denver South Park & Pacific Way Car #72 / Colorado & Southern Caboose #1008. This car and caboose #64 are display models for railroad conventions to provide physical representation of the two UP era paint schemes used on the prototypes.

DSP&P Way Car #72

Hobart Estates Caboose