Winter Clean Up

The weather has been almost spring like during the past few weeks. This past weekend Liza and I spent time cleaning up the garden areas for the coming spring. Traditionally we are bad at this and wait until the spring to clean up fallen leaves. In years past we’ve only managed to clean some areas, this year much of the work is making up for our lack maintenance in those areas. A few weeks ago we had exceptionally strong winds in the area and what remaining leaves were in trees came down.

Over the past two years I’ve been monitoring the state of the track laid on sub-roadbed. This winter has been fairly mild with the exception of some snow in December and January. A few of the bricks laid in the ground did settle and require minor adjustment, but no major seasonal damage has occurred.

In addition to the general cleanup a short addition to the mainline has been added. This section curves behind a large rosemary bush to the approach for the smaller loop trestle.

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