Siding & Spur

Today I finished the installation of the second switch that turns “Cilantro” into a passing siding. Just beyond the new switch I added a new siding for a future engine house. I’ve begun leaving a locomotive in the garden during the day, but need a better place to shelter it from sunlight and insects. Currently, it gets parked under the largest rose bush along the line, which provides shade throughout the day.

Communiqué from the woods :

A few weeks ago an impressive galvanized steel windmill was installed along the line. In time this will operate the pump house for the railroad water tank.

The 4th of July was a satisfying day in the woods. The railroad crew pulled out all the stops, providing apples and pears for the guests. For reasons unexplained, the crew got their hands on an aluminum keg of Coors from the future, and much fun was had by all. At the end of the day the crew was relaxed, but ready for the big week ahead of them.

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