Railroad Construction Progress: May-July

Between April and June I spent much of my time working on expanding the railroad grade. The project this year was digging through 15 feet hill to extend the grade of the railroad’s upper level. The rush to get this work done was driven by the desire to finish before the summer heat set in.

At the end of 2020 I was able to get the initial loop trestle worked out with temporary posts and lumber. In March I spent time assembling better boards for the temporary trestle, these will remain in use until a scale trestle can be built to replace it.

Future location of the logging camp. Along the spur will be a small supply warehouse.
View of track switch from above.
Test fitting the spur for the logging camp.

As cut progressed it became deeper into the hill side. At the summit point the cut is nearly 2 feet deep. In time the slope above the track will be re-contoured into a gentle slope rather than deep cut.

Early progress in digging the upper grade.

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