The Magenta Magnet

Since the garden railroad equipment is meant to represent the 1890s I thought it would be fun to write a little fictional newspaper. The Magenta Magnet documents the railroad progress and other happenings from the perspective of the loggers and railroad employees. With any luck I will publish one of these weekly, but don’t count on it.

With that said, I present to you the Magenta Magnet Volume 1, Issue 1:

The Magenta Magnet.
Devoted to the latest rumblings beneath the picturesque cedars.
Volume 1.Grass Valley, California, Friday May 8, 1891.Number 1.
Magenta Magnet
Published every Friday by
Brandon & Barron
Editors & Publishers.
Office: Opposite Mining Office.
One Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00
Six Months . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$.50
Three Months . . . . . . . . . . . .$.25
Tomorrow’s Weather
Plenty of Sunshine
Temperature: 79°
The Drought.
Scientists Predict Drought.

The severe lack of rain to date worries local scientists. They have raised the alarm that we are facing a severe drought. The snowpack is meager — less than half of normal — and falling fast as spring temperatures warm up. Total rainfall for April was 1.32 inches, well below the yearly average. Unless the situation changes, we can expect an extreme drought this year.

Sudden Uplift Alarms Railroad Work Crew.

Last Sunday the work crews of the Magenta Mining Railroad discovered a major uplift along the railroad grade caused by an unknown force. Crews had recently completed a stone wall in that area and returned the next morning to find their hard work undone. The mining company informed us there are no active mine shafts in that area. It is suspected a tectonic force deep below the ground caused the disturbance. Damage to the railroad was minimal and is expected to be repaired this week.

The uplift found by railroad workmen.

Spring temperatures are rising get your summer crops planted!

A large bear was spotted along the railroad last week.

Work on the large cut at the end of the railroad continues. Crews encountered a rock face that delayed progress for several months.

The roads are becoming excellent for travel — thanks to the sun and wind and road overseers.

New Passenger Car.

Lumbermen traveling between woods camps were treated to a surprise from the Railroad this spring. A former street railway car was acquired from a now-defunct street railway project. After delivery to the repair shop it was inspected and found to be in top condition. The paint crew touched up the paint before releasing it for service. The small but luxurious coach is numbered 7, the number retained from the previous owner. No longer will the hardworking timbermen need to ride log cars. We expect the railroad will acquire further cars in the future.

A Miner Injured.

William Everett, a miner employed at the mine, had his right foot quite badly bruised and sprained yesterday. He caught it in the track and before he could free himself a car ran over the member. Dr Sawyer attended him. He met with an accident at the mine about a month ago, having his ear badly lacerated.

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