Equipment of the MM&LCo.

From the beginning I envisioned the garden railroad as a simple affair. Something that could run in the background when company was around. Most of the locomotives will be live steam, so the railroad must avoid steep grades. Following the Towle Brothers Lumber Co. way of thinking, I have kept the locomotives of the MM&LCo. small in size. Trains are also kept to a small size, the bulk of the freight car fleet consists of 4-wheel flat cars or disconnect log-bogies.

Much of the rolling stock was purchased secondhand. This spring I have been painting equipment. The first batch of flat cars will be done soon. “Maude M.” will be entering the paint shop to receive a recreated H.K. Porter standard paint scheme. It will retain the name “Maude M.” but will be lettered prototypically.

Future projects include: Hartford kits for a 4 wheel derrick car, a 4 wheel hopper, and a DSP&P Way Car.

I’ve added a page to the site for the MM&LCo. roster.

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